Branding Workshop & New Logo!!

Recently, the Empress over at the Audiobook Empire invited me to be a guest at a branding workshop. I love talking about branding and marketing. Before I started audiobooks full time I had worked in internet marketing for about 7 years and still do it a bit on the side. (I also offer branding and social media workshops and packages if you’re interested).

It was a great workshop. My challenge was condensing my 2+ hour, multiple session one on one workshop into a 1-hour group setting. But I think I did a good job!

We talked about a lot of things but I broke it down into 4 segments:

  • Branding
  • Brand Message
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Management

We started out by discussing what is branding. So many think it’s simply logos or colors but it goes so much deeper than that.

This workshop was geared more towards those narrators with a pseudonym but the principles were broad enough to apply whether you use a pseudo or not. One thing I did discuss branding specifically for a pseudonym is the fact that it’s got to be much more than just a name! It’s a persona and if you want to work as that, it needs to be a well-rounded person. So we used principles we’ve all learned in acting classes of Character Analysis to build our pseudonyms persona.

I then went into things such as core values, words that describe you and the tone of voice you want to come across, and how that is all part of your brand. And then ways to get your brand seen (brand awareness) such as websites, social media, logos, business cards, and even the clothes you wear!

I recently attended the ALLURE audiobook convention and every outfit I wore was my brand colors. People might not consciously get that but it’s training brains to associate those colors with me and my brand.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and we had a great turnout! If anyone wants help with their branding, The Clean Reads Queen is happy to help!

And this is a good time to announce my NEW LOGO! I’m so excited, it turned out amazing and my designer was incredible! I actually couldn’t decide between two hehe so I got them both. They are similar enough that it won’t get too confusing and I see use cases for them both. What do you think?

Author: Emma Faye

Emma Faye is an audiobook narrator and actor. LA trained and based in Utah. She has a passion for books and bringing characters to life. She loves diving into characters whether it's in audiobooks, stage or screen. She loves wholesome content as is dubbed The Clean Reads Queen. She is a cat mom of 4 cats and loves all things Ireland.