YA (Young Adult)

Audiobook cover for Scales of Ash and Smoke. A gold dragon medallion with flames
Audiobook for scales of Ice and Shadow. A dragon on a blue medallion with blue/silver flames and light
Audiobook cover for Scales of Sun and Storm. A dragon on a medalion with purple lighting around it.
Audiobook cover for Notebook Mysteries with a girl looking back with a dagger in her hand and papers flying around
Audiobook Cover for Notebook Mysteries. Blonde girl in foreground with two men in suits in the background on a bridge.
Audiobook cover for Red Arrows. A bow and arrow surrounded by flames.
Audiobook Cover for Pure as Snow. A White apple on snow with a blue background


Audiobook cover for Miriam's Song. Girl with white head cover on blue background with a desert scene beneath
Audiobook cover for Healing the Orphaned Heart. A Blong girl in dress in the snow with trees and horse in the background
Audiobook cover for To Form A Romance. A Girl in a dark blue dress in a green field with a blue sky and clouds


White background with blue waves on the bottom that go up the right side and fade into red and yellow. The words What Makes you Stronger in blue font. Audiobook cover for What Makes you Stronger
Audiobook cover for Tarot: The Wayof Mindfulness. Orange background with red font and a tarot card in the background.

Middle Grade

Audiobook Cover for Puss in Boots. Black background with gold circles. Inside each circle is a fairy tale image like puss in boots, humpty dumpty and 3 little pigs.