One more class! Social Media 101

I took this class [Canva 101] by Emma Faye today and it was a delight! I love Canva, but I know I wasn’t utilizing it at 100%. Emma answered all our questions and gave us a ton of great insights. I’m sure she’ll hold this again, so don’t miss it.

Melissa Kay Benson
I took this class [Canva 101] with Emma Faye this afternoon and would recommend it to anyone new-ish to Canva. As she glided through making two potential social media posts, she explained basics I didn’t know, gave tips to streamline your branded posts and shared the value of pro level features while showing us how to make great images and videos with the free version.
Lauren Pedersen


Canva 101


In this one-hour class, I will walk you through Canva basics, full of tips and tricks to streamline your Canva use. I will be using the free version to teach with but I will also show you some great options for the Canva Pro (totally worth it IMO).

Branding 101


In this one-hour class we will dive into what is a brand, what makes it unique, and all the elements that make up a brand. We will also work on discovering your core values so your brand messaging is consistent and authentic.

Social Media 101


For the first time, I am offering a social media class! I have been managing social media for clients for years and it’s time to share that knowledge with my fellow narrators. We will go over the basics, discuss content buckets, the 3 e’s of social media posts, and user personas. We will focus mostly on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook during this course. You will also get access to the 30-Day TikTok Challenge!

30-Day TikTok Challenge!

I’m SO excited to offer this challenge. For anyone who signs up for the Social Media 101 class (or bundles all three classes) gets access to this challenge. The challenge will go from Sept 1 – Sept 30th. Are you looking for a way to jump-start your TikTok posts, get back on the wagon, or just want some accountability? This challenge is for you. We will have post ideas, accountability, a built-in support system where we will interact with each other’s videos, TikTok tips and we’ll be tracking our analytics to find what is working. The 30-day challenge does NOT mean you have to post every day for 30 days straight. It simply means, that throughout those 30 days, we will be working on increasing our TikTok visibility and skills. I will encourage all participants to commit to at least 3 videos per week. You will be invited to a private Facebook group for this challenge.

At the end of the challenge, all videos posted will be counted up and will count as one entry into our surprise giveaway! Are you excited yet?