Did you know that many actors and audiobook narrators have alternative names? Sometimes they are called Stage Names, Screen Names, Pseudonyms, etc. There are many reasons one might have an alternative name than their own. I get asked sometimes about my name, especially from those who have known me my whole life.

Guess what Emma Faye is my stage name :) I have gone by it for years. When I first started acting, I did not but around the time of high school, I decided it would be cool to have a professional name. I thought it would be good to keep my personal and professional life separate (at the time I assumed I’d be an award winning actress any day ;) haha). So I came up with Emma Faye and then it just kind of stuck and have been going by it ever since!

The question I always get: What does your husband call you?

And the answer is, he uses both of my names. *Most* people in my life call me Emma. Obviously anyone in the acting and audiobook world know me as Emma and since that is such a huge part of my life, the majority of people in my life know me as that. Even my church congregation calls me Emma. My mother still calls me by my given name but mostly everyone calls me Emma :)

Where did I get Emma Faye from?

I chose the name Emma as there are a number of women named Emma that I look up to and admire both in the entertainment industry and in other places. Many strong, brave and talented women are named Emma. Faye is my given middle name, I’m named after my paternal grandmother. And it also is a derivative of Fae … or faeries which just makes it all the cooler!