I love audiobooks myself! And pre-covid (when I had a work commute) I listened to SO many audiobooks. Now I don’t listen as often but you can bet I take any opportunity to listen (such as while doing the dishes!).

Here are some of my favorite audiobooks I’ve listened to.

And The Trees Crept In

And the Trees Crept In Audiobook By Dawn Kurtagich cover art

By far my favorite audiobook I’ve ever listened to. It creeped me out so much. I used to drive home very late at night in the dark and I had to stop listening to this several times because I was so scared. I’m not usually into scary things but I couldn’t put this one down! And the direction of the audio was incredible, the whispering in the background is haunting!



All The Truth That’s In Me

All the Truth That's in Me Audiobook By Julie Berry cover art

So when I borrowed this book from the library, all I really saw was the word “Roswell” and “abduction” and I was sold … cuz I love aliens. Turns out … it has nothing to do with aliens but I LOVED it! And the narration was superb, it would be incredibly hard to narrate as someone who is missing half their tongue but Kathleen McInerney is amazing!




Cinder Audiobook By Marissa Meyer cover art

I listened to this book for a book club and Loved it!! And it was around the time when I was seriously considering trying out becoming a narrator myself so I decided to reach out to the narrator, the amazing Rebecca Soler and ask her questions about narrating! She was so gracious and answered all of my questions and was so grateful for her kindness and support.



Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures Audiobook By Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl cover art

Honestly, what I remember most about this book is the haunting song that accompanies it! You don’t often put music in books but they did for this one and it worked SO well, the song is haunting and stays in your head for so long “sixteen moons …” (IYKYK)





Graceling Audiobook By Kristin Cashore cover art

For a couple of years, I worked in a more manual labor type job and books kept me company! This was the first one I listened to on that job and it stuck with me. It was also the first multi cast recording I’d heard and that really added something special to this story.



The Five People You Meet in Heaven

The Five People You Meet in Heaven Audiobook By Mitch Albom cover art

This was the first audiobook I ever listened to! When I moved to Utah, my roommate held a book club and hoping to meet people, I joined. The only copy of the book available was the audiobook and I was completely resistant! I was convinced I wouldn’t comprehend it being read aloud to as I’m a visual learner but I gave it a try and I WAS HOOKED! I became an avid audiobook listener right away and I’m so grateful for that!