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Audiobook Narrator Marketing Services

I’m excited to start offering my marketing and coaching services for narrators! This includes social media prompts, website checkups, and branding classes. I want to help your sound be found!

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2023 Social Media Prompts

Are you struggling with keeping your social media active? Do you have a hard time coming up with content? Do you have a goal of being more active on social in 2023? I’ve got you covered!

I created a download for you where you get access to monthly social media prompts for audiobook narrators. Prompts include professional prompts, personal prompts, quotes, engagement posts, and more. And each month also has a list of literary holidays for you to utilize! These can be used for graphics content as well as video content.

This can be purchased any time of the year, you don’t need to start in January.


Social Media Prompts FAQs2023-01-10T01:21:07+00:00
Q: Is everyone getting the same prompts?

A: Yes, this is not a custom product (though I do offer those as well). However, there is no issue with every narrator who purchases this getting the same prompts. For one, there are no assigned days to the prompts (except of course the holidays) so you may not even post the same day as a fellow narrator, and two, social platforms love shares and stitches. So if you see a fellow narrator post the prompt you were planning on, share theirs first and then answer it with yours!

Q: You only have 8 prompts a month, is that really enough to post on social?

A: Each platform is different on what is the ‘best’ number to post each day/week and the algorithms change often. 8 post prompts will give you 2 posts a week. This is a starting point to get you posting consistently and keep your social profiles active. And don’t forget all the other post options you have that you can sprinkle in to post more such as a particularly beautiful day you took a picture of. You also have all the holidays you can choose from each month to post about and they are all related to the literary world in some way. Also, don’t forget to post about your current projects and new releases (if you’re allowed to). You can also reuse many of these prompts in future months again as answers may change.

Q: Are these meant to be graphic images or videos?

A: Yes! Both, whatever you want them to be. They are a starting point for you. Every prompt can be turned into both a graphic and a video. It all depends on what platforms you are using them on.

Narrator Site Technical Checkup

Quality sound must be found! Get your site optimized with technical best practices and a streamlined user experience.

With 4 years of experience in auditing websites for both technical best practices and user experience, I will do the same for you! I will audit your site and give recommendations including important elements such as above-the-fold, meta info, site speed, and even some basic SEO tips and more.

While many wonderful coaches in the industry will give you best practices for publishers visiting your site, I go a step further and give you best practices for Google. I will provide you tips to make sure Google likes your content and won’t penalize your site.


Discover Your Brand

Your voice may stand out, but a brand is sought out! I help you discover, define, and promote your brand.

Know your brand, to show your brand!

As The Clean Reads Queen, I know a thing or two about branding! Let’s make you stand out and be remembered. During 2 zoom calls (and homework) I will help you discover your brand both conceptually and visually. Dive deep into your “why” and discover how you can be the solution for Indie authors.


Social Media Content Creation

3 months of custom social media graphics branded just for you! These are static graphics (or carousels). I will send you a questionnaire to fill out so the content is custom for you. The only thing you have to do is post them!



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