Meet Emma Faye

Emma Faye, known as the Clean Reads Queen, is a versatile audiobook narrator with dozens of titles recorded in her professional home studio. With over 20 years of acting experience, she dives deep into characters and story to bring them to life. She puts her heart into every project and it comes across when you are listening to her audiobooks. She enjoys narrating YA fantasy, middle grade, clean/sweet romances and has a love for (clean) suspense.

While she claims California as home, she currently resides in Utah where she runs a local community theatre.Emma is also a betrayal trauma advocate and runs multiple support groups a week for women going through betrayal trauma. When not performing or running support groups, she enjoys Irish dancing and snuggling with her 4 cats. She is a self proclaimed crazy cat lady and proud of it. Emma Faye is also a fantasy/sci-fi nerd and enjoys cosplaying at comic conventions and Renaissance Faires. Emma uses all of these things and other life experiences in the booth, whether it’s a book about one of these topics or using them to infuse the characters she’s portraying.

Send a message if you’re interested in Emma Faye narrating your book!

: Silver Series VocalBooth, Rode NT1 Microphone, UA Arrow
File Types Available: .MP3, .WAV, .AIFF (others as requested)
Software: StudioOne Artist, Izotope RX7
Meets ACX Requirements
Shannon Parks,
Audiobooks & Characters
PJ Ochlan, Characters & Audiobook Business
Elise Arsenault, Audiobooks & Business Technique
Sean Allen Pratt, Audiobook Technique
Christopher Robin Miller, Animation
Bonnie Gilgallon, Commercial VO
In The Moment Acting Studio, Acting

Project Status

Above the Sea (Currently Narrating)
Notebook Mysteries 2 (Up Next)
Scales of Sun & Storm (In the Queue)
The Billionaires Best Friend (In the Queue)

What Is A Clean Read?

As the “Clean Reads Queen”, Emma loves to narrate clean and wholesome books. Many books fit this even if they are not billed as “clean”, such as YA fantasy, sweet romance, Christian fiction, faith based non fiction, middle grade and more. Simply put, Emma Faye will not narrate books with excessive language or blasphemes (absolutely no f-words) or explicit on page sex scenes. Feel free to reach out about a project if you are unsure.