A Little Nonfiction Love

I haven’t been one to read a lot of nonfiction in my life. I’ve always enjoyed fiction more and escaping into other worlds. This year, I have been given the opportunity to branch out and try non-fiction and I’m realizing how much I love it!

I’ve had the great honor of doing 5 non-fiction books so far with Tantor Media and it’s been wonderful. Some of the topics I find more interesting than others but I’ve found interest and connection with each of them. And I’m on the schedule to do one more with Tantor in a few weeks, making a total of 6 non-fiction books this year.

I love being able to learn about topics I don’t usually take the time to learn about in my daily life and find ways to implement things I learn, even in a small way, to my daily life. It gives me a deeper understanding of people and their beliefs and it’s been a wonderful way to stretch myself this year and I really hope to continue to do more in the coming year as well!

Here are my two favorite ones I’ve done this year:

Author: Emma Faye

Emma Faye is an audiobook narrator and actor. LA trained and based in Utah. She has a passion for books and bringing characters to life. She loves diving into characters whether it's in audiobooks, stage or screen. She loves wholesome content as is dubbed The Clean Reads Queen. She is a cat mom of 4 cats and loves all things Ireland.

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