This has been a wonderful Summer so far and gearing up for a great Fall as well! I was recently cast in the local community theatre’s production of The Comedy of Errors as Adriana.

The director has decided to go a different direction thematically and set the play in Tortuga and we’re all pirates! It’s a fun spin on the show while keeping true to the plot.

While The Comedy of Errors is Shakespeare’s shortest play, Adriana has tons to say! While I’m not the lead of the show, I have the second-most lines and words of the entire cast, so I’m constantly working on my memorization these days! Adriana is wordy! But I love speaking Shakespeare, so it’s a thrill.

My costume is phenomenal. The corset is from a locally owned shop here called, Damsel in this Dress, and I’ve wanted to purchase from them for years. This show gave me the need to finally do that! And I love it.

Another exciting part of this play is that we get to perform a few scenes at the Renaissance Faire! I’m a total Ren Faire nerd and have gone to them since I was 12 and I’m honored to be able to be a performer for this one!