I had the great pleasure for the second year in a row to put on a mini-conference for local Utah narrators! Our first one last year was such a hit, we all wanted to do it again. So I went to work planning an amazing conference! With the help of a fellow narrator, Nancy Peterson, we were able to get Christina Rooney to come to be our keynote and direct each of us in a demo!

We had so many amazing presentations and speakers. Christina’s performance workshop was amazing. It was hands-on, practical and so much fun! She helped us to dive into character work and really embody our characters through movement and posture.

We also had Robert Sciglimpaglia Zoom in to chat about taxes and business finances, which was very informational and helpful.

We then had a roundtable chat about where to find work and working with publishers, Then to end the day, Nancy and I presented on how we use Airtable to keep track of our businesses.

Oh, and I can’t forget the amazing food!! We had the event catered by Chef Brianna from The Elevated Kitchen! Absolutely delicious!!!

Did I mention I was sick during this and lost my voice for 2 weeks?!