Such a fun question! And it’s so hard to answer, I love so many!

As A Reader/Listener

As a reader and audiobook listener my favorites are YA (young adult). I often listen while I’m working or doing something else so the simplistic nature to YA books is easy to multitask to. I love YA fantasy the most. I love a good book with magic or fairies. That being said, I don’t like huge long books, so big epic fantasies aren’t my personal cup of tea (though I’m in awe of the writers who do so!) I also love a good suspense or thriller (as long as it’s clean). The more gripping the better, I love when it’s so good I sit in my car when I get home just to keep listening!

As An Audiobook Narrator

As a narrator, my likes are similar. I do love YA fantasy and thrillers and would love to do more of them. I also really like middle grade as a narrator, they tend to be super fun to record. I have only done 2 nonfiction and while I don’t want to do exclusively non fiction, I really have enjoyed the ones I’ve done! I’m really open to any genre to narrate as long as it fits clean reads.